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PH Will Regret Not Fulfilling Manifesto Promises

By Kaki Bedal


If there’s one word the Pakatan Harapan (PH) is most concerned  and won’t like to be reminded about, it is this – manifesto.

The latest outburst from a pro-Mahathir lieutenant describing the PH manifesto for the 14th general election as stupid, while understandable, is just a confirmation that promising all and sundry to win is a huge error.

The mistake is not about the promising part. It is about the implementation part. One can promise but fulfilling it is just as important.

Toll will be free, PTPTN loan debt to be forgiven and even the reintroduction of SST tax, the one and only promise to be implemented, are among the most obvious mistakes.

The SST has not brought about a better economic benefit to the country compares to the GST, something the former governing bloc is loath to admit.

The clincher of excuses comes from the mouth of none other than Dr Mahathir when he said that the manifesto is not a Bible.

The 22 months of PH governance can be described in one word too – shit – and former governing bloc continues to behave shittily after losing power.

A recent reminder that the electorate are not with them anymore is the win by BN, for the sixth consecutive time – in the Chini by-election.

A change in tactics? One can only smile about that.

The next by-election in Slim, a seat held by BN, will be contested next and already the opposition is found wanting about what approach can they use to attract voters.

PKR strategic director, Sim Tze Tzim reportedly said that contesting in the by-election was not only about winning or losing but protecting citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not about winning or losing? Surely he’s joking. Nobody wants to lose, right? Or, perhaps that’s ad admission that they have only a splinter of a chance to win.

The opposition bloc is still trying to find their voice after a chastening loss of power and they failed to shine despite shouting their way hoarse during the Parliament debate.

Is Shafie Apdal really their choice of Prime Minister?

Surely Anwar Ibrahim won’t allow himself to be shoved out of the way one more time. Or, PH will still nominate Mahathir?

Whoever gets the nomination will face the questions about their manifesto again and again if another general election is held soon.

Will they come up with a new and more believable manifesto?

Well, the electorate have a ready made retort to that.

“Your manifesto is not a Bible so why should we believe your dreaming again!” – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY


  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry


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