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Zahid: UMNO Is Thinking Only Of The People, Country

By Kaki Bedal


“A flower does not think of competing the flower next to it. It just blooms. Umno has its own unique quality and the party’s existence is to serve the rakyat.”

That’s from the latest entries tweet official from UMNO President/Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, today.

What does the above quote means?

After all its from the UMNO President, so it must mean something and for those who follow political developments, it can be anything – for the supporters of UMNO, the government or the opposition.

At the moment, the opposition find themselves in difficulties.

What they say rebounds back to them.

This quote is most probably to the leaders and supporters of UMNO, BN and the Prime Minister’s party – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).

UMNO does not have a rival strong enough to challenge the party, despite not holding power at the present.

That’s why, as a flower (party), it isn’t bothered with other flower (another party/parties).

UMNO has maturity, read ‘blooms’.

UMNO has experience in managing the country for six decades and was toppled not because it did not do its job but was dehtroned by ‘fitnah’ and look what happened to the country.

The rakyat, of all ethnic and religious background, know this.

The political leaders know this.

The opposition will deny this because they remain with the mindset that the government is always wrong, not admitting their culpability in Malaysia’s suffering a big economic loss in terms of image and reputation.

The present Prime Minister himself is a former UMNO man.

He knows what UMNO is all about and his vast experience will tell him that he will be best served by re-joining UMNO, a party with an open mind and tolerant.

As for the party’s existence is to serve the rakyat, who can deny this?

Look at what UMNO as the backbone of the present administration has done to help the Prime Minister and present government in handling the pandemic.

Most important of all, the economic outlook is brightening with each day.

Among the latest news, is reportedly from the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) which said that the Malaysian economy will recover gradually in the months ahead.

A mainstream newspaper quoted DOSM as saying that there’s a significant improvement in business sentiment and rebound in operation activities that had contributed to 8.8 per cent export growth in June to RM82.9 billion, resulting in a trade surplus of RM20.9 billion.

The Finance Minister quoted DOSM saying that about 12.7 million or 83.5 per cent of employees have returned to work as of June 2, 2020 and this shows that economic activities and services are recovering.

In short, it’s about serving the rakyat.

Indirectly, Zahid questioned whether this is a priority of the Warisan led government when the Chief Minister announced the dissolution of the State Assembly during the pandemic and economic hardship.

As for UMNO has it’s own unique quality.

It is obvious. UMNO’s maturity and experienced sees the leaders of party not taking the stand to create trouble for the country, despite some members becoming ‘frogs’.

It is not UMNO (and other Barisan Nasional components and Pas) actions that led to Pakatan Harapan downfall and that says a lot about how UMNO approaches politics, not to mention the stand to be patient with the conviction against its former president.

One can say, UMNO did not prevent other flowers to bloom.

Its existence, after all, and its main purpose and continue to be for the good of the country. – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY


  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry


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