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IMC Exhibition: ‘I Want To Go Far With Tuns Anuar,’ Says Entrepreneur, Ruby

The Exhibition on Empowering Local Entrepreneurs in Gombak was held recently in the Human Sciences Square at IIUM Gombak,  with the synergy of nine successful local entrepreneurs in Gombak.

Tuns Anuar (TA) was one of the local entrepreneurs who played an important role in the exhibition. It is a business that has gained attention on social media platforms under the guidance of its founder, who wants to be known as Mrs. Ruby.

According to Tuns Anuar’s sharing session of the programme, the business aims to inspire young people to venture into business, overcome obstacles, and succeed in their businesses. Tuns Anuar was established in 2015.

The vision of Tuns Anuar Business from the outset was to offer leading catering services and event venues. But as time went by, the firm expanded to offer a wide range of goods and services, such as “daging salai” and seasonal fruits like durian, making it more than just a normal catering company.

The name “Tuns Anuar” has great meaning since it combines the owner’s and his late father’s names, signifying the heritage of devotion and hard work.

This business is located in Kampung Kerdas, Gombak. Tuns Anuar’s business is dedicated to her husband. Despite being a small-scale company, the Tuns Anuar Business stands out by providing a wide range of goods and services with an emphasis on quality and diversity.

Tuns Anuar is an eye-opener for young adults venturing into any small business that can guarantee their lives. Tuns Anuar’s business mission is to provide a variety of services and products and wants to create a sustainable future by expanding the business. Tuns Anuar wants to prove that local entrepreneurs can be successful out there, just like any other profession.

The uniqueness of the Tuns Anuar business is that it introduces two types of food sets, namely catering sets and village sets. The menu for the catering set include items such as, “nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, daging berlada, and others.” Meanwhile, for the village set, the menu items are, “nasi putih basmati, daging salai, as well as ayam berempah.”

The smoked meat (daging salai) menu by Tuns Anuar has attracted the attention of many customers and increased its sales. This is because of the uniqueness of the premium cuts of beef and the texture that sets them apart from competitors. “We got a lot of support from the customer and managed to grow our business either in catering or service,” says Mrs. Ruby.

Through the exhibition, Tuns Anuar promotes the village set, which is ‘white rice, smoked meat, and spicey chicken’. This is because Mrs. Ruby thought that the smoked meat menu was quite difficult to find at IIUM. Therefore, she brought the menu to be introduced to IIUM staff and students. This menu was sold for RM10.

Positive comments from customers have been overwhelming, they have praised the delicious flavor of the “daging salai” as well as its mild spice. As a result of their happiness and confidence in Tun Anuar Business Services, many customers have turned into loyal patrons who frequently ask for catering services for their offices.

The exhibition is a platform for students to understand how to promote and manage business well and successfully. One way Tuns Anuar promotes his brand is through social media. Using social media can provide a strategic approach to delivering consistent and coherent messages across different marketing communication channels and tools. Social media platforms also help Tuns Anuar’s business to be widely known because they can post updates, photos, videos, testimonials, and events.

The social media account has more than 12,000 followers and has received positive feedback and support from the public.

Mrs. Ruby also uses Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for the promotion of its products and stories. With ambitions to hire more people and create jobs for Gombak folk, Mrs. Ruby is looking forward to growing and expanding in the future.

Essentially, Tun Anuar Business is the epitome of the ideal fusion of quality, innovation, and tradition; it has carved out a place for itself in the cutthroat local business scene while adhering to its core principles.

Tun Anuar Business is dedicated to providing exceptional and distinguished service to its community, even as it grows and changes. – IIUM TODAY

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