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PH Deserves To Be In The Dustbin Of History ?

By Kaki Bedal


While Covid-19 has been big news, what with the focus on control movement order to recovery movement control order and the impact to business, social, education and other activities, not much has been said about the Perikatan Nasional (PN) rescue or stimulus package.

Yes, most touch on the number or billions of ringgit, now reaching RM300 billion plus.

But, not much has been analysed about the difference in approach with the previous Pakatan Harapan (PH) regime. And why.

How can a newly installed administration have the resources to fork out billions whereas the previous regime mantra has always been ‘the government has no money’ for the duration of their shortlived rule?

Maybe the reason is obvious.

PH has been obsessed with taking down former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak that they failed to take into account their own promises to improve the life of the people.

Most regrettably, PH leaders believed that the people will be satisfied with whatever sensational accusations against Najib and other BN leaders and failed to live up to their own expectations linked to the GE14 manifesto.

Most damaging is they seem to believe that they are invincible from the rule of law that they tied around the opposition at the time and the internet age revealed they themselves did not practice what they preach.

With each allegations, unproven till today, against Najib and the latest being former Sabah Chief Minister, they failed to realise that the support they received during the GE14 has slipped culminating in the huge defeat at Tanjung Piai.

Perhaps, why PN has the money is simple – Najib did not squander the money, partly gained through prudent financial management, yes through the introduction of GST, the successful diversification of the economy and the investments by GLCs overseas.

The other obvious reason is people can see the frailty and duplicitous nature of PH component parties regarding their own policies involving various races and the never ending question about leadership succession.

Covid-19 has proven to be a nadir to PH failures.

Where the people expect decisions in the national interest, PH leaders continue with politicking, even when they’re no longer in power.

It is also ironic that a former Prime Minister who came up with the 2020 plan finds himself out of power, delaying the fulfillment of his plan to 2030 while Najib keeps calm eating Super Ring and fiddling with social media to point out PH’s unbelievable hubris.

Another glaring example is surely the hundred of thousands of ringgit found in the houses of PPBM members.

While it is too early to judge, this is the latest karma against the former PH regime.

No wonder they’re quiet as a mouse about it except for the ones being in the news. We’re waiting for another ‘ini semua salah Najib’ comment from them.

Not surprisingly too that there is no more clamour from any section of society  for a change in government again. PH deserves to be in the dustbin of history.

PN will be in a better position drawing from this lesson.

  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media of nearly 30 years in the industry.


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