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Poetic Justice For Umno As Zahid Silence Is Golden

By Kaki Bedal


People have short memories and take for granted at times about contributions of a different nature when it involves something that has to do with defeat, in any arena.

In football, we have heard well known personalities said how you don’t remember the losing side in finals, any final match.

Only the winner is remembered.

So too in politics. The defeat of Barisan Nasional in the 14th General Elections which led to Umno losing power is another such example.

Initially, the view is Umno and by extension BN will not last long.

The negatives are highlighted relentlessly, especially claims that many of the party leaders are not true race and religious fighters and many will jump ship.

However, fast forward to now, many of the same people will be aware that Umno as a party continue to be strong and has forged ahead positively and the people realised that Umno and BN are the better choice compared to Pakatan Harapan.

Who would have predicted that Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi together with a few tried and trusted Umno leaders have weathered the storm of negative perception against Umno and BN despite being accused of financial misconduct after the election defeat?

Zahid together with former Negeri Sembilan Chief Minister, Datuk Mohamed Hassan has performed an unbelievable turn around in taking Umno back to prominence with five by-election victories, the best was in Tg Piai when BN won with a thumping 15,000 votes majority.

Detractors are still there, of course.

Enemies and non supporters of Zahid will undoubtedly claim that it is Tok Mat Hassan and others who’re not tainted, are the ones responsible for that.

We don’t have to quarrel about whether that is true or not.

Zahid and Datuk Seri Najib Razak had to endure insults and many worse descriptions since losing the general election and each had to contend with court cases.

I wager that is precisely a helping factor.

Just like other BN leaders, the rakyat can see and judge for themselves what PH did for 22 months.

Also, since the defeat, while Najib has been able to counter through social media postings, Zahid remain quiet.

There is no need to voice out anything against PH because we know the Pakatan regime destroyed their own government and themselves.

There seems to a kind of poetic justice of a different sort where prosecutors align with PH are having trouble proving allegations against Najib and Zahid with the acquittal of former Sabah Chief Minister and the settlement without acquittal with Najib’s stepson recently further evidence of disaster befalling PH.

Poetic justice because this is precisely what prompted Tun Mahathir to agitate for PH leaders to back him once more, given the fact that his political appointments have fallen by the wayside after the rise of Perikatan Nasional backed by Umno.

Silence is golden is exactly what best described Zahid since Umno lost GE14 and without much publicity has allowed him to work behind the scenes much more calmly. 


  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry.


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