Terengganu Govt Urged To Create ‘Trader-Friendly’ Areas, Extend Rental Waiver Period

The Terengganu government has been urged to create “trader-friendly” areas and extend the exemption of rental payment for government-owned premises in a bid to assist entrepreneurs who face difficulties following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Terengganu Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DPPMT) president Ahmad Izani Ab Ghani said the implementation of these two initiatives should be expedited to ease the entrepreneurs’ burden.

According to him, the majority of microentrepreneurs, small traders and hawkers as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are unable to improve their sales performance and cashflow during the Recovery Movement Control Order recently.

The implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has set back their business recovery plans, and the one-month CMCO period will have a significant impact on the efforts to revive their business performance as market demand is reduced due to the curb in tourist movements.

“Hence, to deal with the growing issue of lack of job opportunities, DPPMT proposes that the state government take measures similar to those implemented by the Ministry of Federal Territories and the Kedah government to allow people to make a living by operating businesses on a small scale in suitable locations,” he said in a statement today.

To facilitate the monitoring of the implementation of the proposed trader-friendly areas, the chamber proposed that all interested individuals should apply for a temporary business permit on a monthly basis and be charged a nominal RM5 per month to obtain the local authorities’ approval.

The move, he said, would facilitate the local authorities’ monitoring and DPPMT also asked for the authorities to approve the business applications without imposing extra restrictions.

“What is important is that individuals who want to do business should follow the general business guidelines such as ensuring that goods are not left behind at the trading sites, the areas chosen do not threaten public safety or obstruct traffic, and cleanliness is maintained,” he added.

Ahmad Izani said DPPMT had also received pleas from many entrepreneurs who rented government-owned premises asking for the state government to show generosity by postponing rental payments until March 2021.

“Such postponement has been implemented by several other state governments. Therefore, DPPMT thinks that this should also be given consideration due to the uncertain market scenario currently and in the future.

“The North-East monsoon phenomenon that will run until early next year will indirectly slow down the business capability recovery process as well. Thus the rental waiver will help to ensure the entrepreneurs’ survival,”  he said.– BERNAMA

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