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Celebrate End Of Year With Pizza Hut’s New Cheesy Poppers Pizza, POP IT TODAY !

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As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us are not able to easily dine out together with our loved ones- in fact, many of us will not be able to gather together to celebrate the year end like we used to.

While it is crucial to keep social distancing, it is equally important to not miss out on bonding moments with loved ones, as is customary during year end.

Pizza Hut sees it as its mission to help Malaysians to do so, despite the unprecedented situation and nothing brings friends and family together better than experiencing playful fun moments together.

In a time that is fraught with uncertainties, Pizza Hut aims to make it much easier for Malaysians to have fun, connect and rejoice anytime, anywhere, with the new Cheesy Poppers pizza delivered to your doorstep along with the online activation of #pulldippop TikTok dance.

 “After having to observe many months of SOP and movement controls, it is time that we embrace and chart new innovative ways to connect and rejoice with our loved ones.” Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut Malaysia elaborated.

“The pandemic is at the forefront of our minds, but it should not take away the importance of simple, joyful moments that we can have with those we love.” she added.

Pizza Hut, being the No.1 pizza brand in Malaysia, vows to continue to innovate and reimagine a whole new pizza experience in this new norm.

The launch of Cheesy Poppers Pizza made available for delivery through Pizza Hut App will make it so much easier for Malaysians to have fun with their loved ones at the comfort of their home.

 To further add to the fun, Malaysians can easily connect with their friends and family on online Tik Tok platform with the playful #pulldippop dance competition The Cheesy Poppers Pizza is selling starting today till 31 December 2020 at all Pizza Hut stores nationwide, intricately crafted with 18 poppers stuffed with two types of cheeses topped with abundance of chunky toppings which includes crispy pepperoni, chicken meatballs, in a special smokey tomato BBQ sauce.

The pizza also comes with a cheese dip, so you can eat it by dipping it in the cheese sauce to maximise the flavour and add flair to your fun meal.

The pizza itself is designed for maximum fun playful moments through an interesting way to enjoy the pizza where one can pull the individual bites filled with cheese, then dip the bites into cheesy sauce and pop into mouth for enjoyment.

To further elevate the playful vibe that the Cheesy Poppers pizza brings out of all of us, Pizza Hut also accompanies the launch with a catchy #PHPullDipPop TikTok dance that all our customers can join in on Tiktok while having social distancing ‘pizza parties’ with their friends.

Moreover, Pizza Hut is also making it easier for Malaysians to order this pizza, by having it available on all their online ordering platforms, including its partners, FoodPanda and Grab, giving options for Malaysians to enjoy this pizza easily, without having to actually leave their home.

“We here at Pizza Hut want to make things easier for all Malaysians to enjoy a fun year end we know many of us are still adjusting to the new normal, hence we would like to ensure that our customers can celebrate the year end in fun, safe new ways.

Armed with the PH App, anyone can easily have a pizza delivered directly to their homes and celebrate with friends.

With the Cheesy Poppers Pizza fun eating experience along with the catchy Pull Dip Pop TikTok dance, it will surely lead to a great time filled with laughter and good food as everyone can let loose and just have fun with their friends online,” she added.

Pizza Hut is offering the new Cheesy Poppers Ala’ Carte at only RM38.30.

For bigger eats, the Cheesy Poppers Pizza is available in a variation of combo offerings from as low as RM44.90.

You can enjoy this complete meal through dine-in, or online order (delivery and online pick up).

With the recent introduction of Pizza Hut’s new WhatsApp ordering system, customers can enjoy this new pizza seamlessly while doing more important things. Just WhatsApp your pizza order at 016-7552525, and you’ll receive your favourite pizzas in a flash. For more information, please visit www.pizzahut.com.my – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY


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