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Malaysia Leadership Summit 2022 Raises More Than RM150k for Social Causes Across Southeast Asia

Contributions from ticket sales for the Summit will benefit charities and non-governmental organisations

The Malaysia Leadership Summit (“MLS”), which returned to Kuala Lumpur after a two-year hiatus, gathered some 500 delegates for a day of learning, sharing and connecting, all for a good cause.

A total of more  than RM150,000, generated from ticket sales for the Summit, will benefit charities and non governmental organisations (NGOs) in Malaysia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. 

Held on Thursday, 21 July 2022, at the Setia City Convention Centre, Shah Alam, the MLS, themed  ‘The Future of Work: Innovate, Influence, Inspire’, was part of the Asian Leadership Series and  was organised by Leaderonomics, a global social enterprise, in partnership with Together We  Can Change the World (“TWCCTW”), an organisation dedicated to empowering and educating  women and children in Southeast Asia. 

Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, said: “This was our best Summit yet as  we had a fantastic Las Vegas headliner, Jeff Civilico, who did a rousing kick-off that set the tone  for the day, as well as great speakers throughout the day.

“The theme of the Summit itself, ‘The  Future of Work’, is something that everybody is grappling with, and it was remarkable to get  different perspectives from the speakers, as well as from the panel of experts and CEOs sharing their observations of what’s happening in other parts of the world and the struggles and realities  that practitioners and business leaders are facing today.” 

“I think what participants learnt from the Summit is that change is inevitable, and we all have to  figure out how to work in these transitionary times; that there are different tools available and  different practices that we can learn to apply for ourselves; and that we are all in this together,  whether you’re the CEO of a large company, an SME or a start-up,” added Roshan. 

Scott Friedman, Founder of Together We Can Change the World, said: “The diversity of the  speakers was amazing. Participants walked away with so much content and insights into what they  can do differently to bring success into their lives, and to engage their employees and communicate  better.

“One of the key takeaways they learned was the different ways we define success and how  we can go about achieving it. Also, how important the words we use are. For instance, the  difference between the words ‘deadline’ and ‘finish line’.

“While the former is “to die”, the latter is  about remembering to acknowledge our little wins along the way, and to do our best to bring out  the best in others by finding out what’s the highest on their joy list and giving them a little bit more  of that so that we are all successful.” 

The Summit, sponsored by Malayan Banking Berhad and S P Setia Berhad, featured 12 local and  international speakers sharing insights into how the world of work has changed, and how  businesses and individuals can thrive in a post-pandemic workplace.

The attendees of MLS  included business leaders and C-suite leaders from various Malaysian and global organisations and included about 150 NGO and community leaders who were provided complimentary access  to grow, network and learn alongside business professionals.

Aside from the conference, the  Summit also featured a series of fireside chats with entrepreneurs, chief executive officers,  marketing experts and a chief human resource officer.

The event also saw the launch of the MAD For Good platform, which aims to transform the way  people create impact in the volunteering space through volunteer matching, reporting, engagement  and upskilling its partners in the NGO and community outreach space alongside corporate  organisations.

MAD For Good, formerly known as Do Good Volunteer, under Leaderonomics, was  established in 2011. Since then, it has mobilised 146,000 volunteers, generated over 150,000  volunteering hours, trained 350 NGOs, and completed 8,257 NGO projects. 

Quotes from speakers of Malaysia Leadership Summit 2022: 

Yana Fry, motivational speaker, accredited life coach and founder and host of Timeless  Teachings: “This Summit was a really powerful opportunity to meet and learn from global speakers  and to meet business leaders in Malaysia.

“It was meaningful to be part of this, and to meet people  looking for something beyond the material, to build relationships and help society.

“For me, one of  the key takeaways I hope participants remember would be Success 3.0: Money, Mastery and  Meaning; for them to see where they are on that scale, what they need to work on, and how they  can find the tools to implement these changes in their lives and their business.” 

Cyriel Kortleven, global professional and TEDx speaker and author of 5 business books:  “The Summit had a lot of speakers and content, but also a lot of interaction between the people,  which is what I really liked about it.

“I am a member of TWCCTW, and we are on a tour of the  region, so I was happy to give a presentation on the change mindset, which I thought would  resonate with the business audience in Malaysia.

“One of the key takeaways I hope participants  got was about changing the ‘Yes, but’ mindset to a ‘Yes, and’ mindset. Changing just this one word  would help you to suspend your judgement and be open to a lot more possibilities.” 

George Walther, professional keynote speaker and author: “I thought there was such a  wonderful variety of presentations. With each one being only 20 minutes, it was a lot of information, and you can’t possibly leave without having had your mind changed about some basic beliefs in  your life.

“Ultimately, I think what we learned was that everybody has the power to make even small  changes that cumulatively make a huge difference in their lives.

“For example, in my own topic on  the power of changing the words you use, as well as Cyriel’s talk on the change mindset, if you  stop saying ‘but’ and replace it with ‘and’, you immediately open your mind and are more receptive  to new ideas.” 

Jonathan Low, certified speaking professional, professional certified coach, international  author and one of Asia’s leading sales and service optimisers: “The Summit was a great  experience and people were engaging and had stayed throughout the day. Kudos to  Leaderonomics and TWCCTW for the work that they put into making it a success.

“I think among  the key takeaways would be that we should continue to innovate, to choose our responses, to  influence, and to inspire by building relationships and trust.

“At the same time, we should also make  sure we have enough care and compassion for the people that we work with, because that’s crucial now more than ever.” – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

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