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BACALAH AUTO: Volvo – Taking Your First Step Towards an Electric Future

Volvo’s plug-in hybrid range is the perfect transition towards fully electric mobility

Low-battery anxiety – we’ve all been there at one point in our increasingly digital, connected lives.

We experience panic when our devices’ battery levels drop alarmingly when we need it most, such as during an important call, navigating in unfamiliar places, or even during something as trivial as online purchases or cashless payments.

The fear of not having enough power when it matters most is why we plug-in our devices before bed, and why we go to great lengths to have easy access to charging on the go.

Fundamentally, low-battery anxiety does not stem from the actual percentage remaining on our devices, but the thought of not having enough power when we need it most.

However, we cannot deny that the future is electric and that includes our personal mobility and the cars we drive.

The fearless among us will have little hesitation moving to electric propulsion with benefits such as reduced climate impact, improved performance, and a next-generation driving experience. For others, on the other hand, the thought of electric vehicle ownership can bring the same low-battery anxiety during unexpected situations.

This makes the transition to electric propulsion a difficult choice for them.

Going electric means first understanding your lifestyle, access to charging points, and your daily commute and regular routes – in other words, different needs for different people.

Volvo Cars holds ambitious goals to offer a fully electric range by 2030 but also acknowledges customers have diverse needs, some which require the assurance of a back-up plan as they embark on a journey of electrified mobility.

To recognise these concerns, Volvo’s complete line-up of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) fitted with a hybrid powertrain may be the solution to allow people to go the distance stress-free.

PHEVs give owners the choice between the electric motor and internal combustion engine – or both at the same time – optimising the performance, range and fuel consumption of your driving experience.

Volvo Car Malaysia offers a plethora of options for its PHEV range with the XC60 Recharge and the XC90 Recharge sports utility vehicles; there’s an electrified Volvo car for anyone.

By complementing its fully electric ambitions with a transitional hybrid range, Volvo gives more drivers the opportunity to take their first step towards electrified mobility while alleviating the concerns of low-battery life during their journeys.

If that happens, PHEVs simply switch over to petrol to go the rest of the way.

The nature of a hybrid powertrain allows drivers to enjoy the pure benefits of electric driving or vastly improve fuel economy while on electrically-assisted petrol power.

In 2022, Volvo Cars introduced newly improved powertrains to all its plug-in hybrids, giving these cars a long-range battery of 18.8kWh and an increased range of up to 90km.

In practical use, the extended range means owners’ daily commutes can be fully electric with petrol purely as a backup or for longer weekend trips and interstate travel.

If used mainly as an electric vehicle, plug-in hybrids benefit from the availability of a dedicated charging box at home.

Just like plugging in a phone to charge overnight, owners can start every day with a fully-charged vehicle, ready to go.

Plug-in hybrids can be charged practically anywhere as owners can top up on power via an ordinary 3-pin power outlet away from home.

Ownership of an electric vehicle is a personal move towards sustainable mobility.

Every step counts, no matter if the car driven is a hybrid or pure-electric vehicle. Volvo plug-in hybrids give owners the choice to choose their environmental impact.

When driven as a hybrid powertrain with petrol power complemented by electric propulsion, carbon emissions are reduced; when driven in as a pure-electric vehicle, zero emissions are produced during the drive.

Volvo believes that electric cars are the way forward with a driving experience for life.

Its range of electric vehicles are designed to make a difference for the safety of its drivers, their passengers, fellow road users and the planet.

By empowering each journey via electric propulsion and digital technology, Volvo gives drivers the confidence to go further and take their first step towards a sustainable, electric future.

Taking your first step has never been easier. When purchasing a new Volvo hybrid electric vehicle from 1 July to 30 September 2023, enjoy complimentary car insurance for the first year and VSP (5-year Volvo Service Plan) worth almost RM20,000.

VSP is a comprehensive car service package that covers your first five car services including wear-and-tear items and labour costs, free software updates and vehicle health checks. – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

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