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EDITORIAL OPINION: Choosing For Good Of Country

It’s about who the rakyat want to believe that can help them  and country in the future. That’s the case in any country.

For us, Pakatan Harapan (PH) or Perikatan Nasional (PN). PN wins, hands down.

While PN is labelled a backdoor government, the rakyat is helped starting with Covid-19 aid. PH lost out due to unfulfilled promises.

The opposition continued to be haunted by its decisions, shenanigans and pettiness of 22 months in power. It could not be more obvious.

Meanwhile, PN in the short time in power has achieve a better record at taking care of the rakyat and more importantly showing that Malaysia is in fine footing, financially and in other aspects too.

PH is clearly suffering, evident from the losing run in six by-elections since Cameron Highlands, definitely losing the people’s belief and confidence. Latest lost in Slim.

Matters worsen from the latest punch delivered by current Finance Minister in Parliament who revealed that in just 22 months PH had agreed 101 projects through direct negotiations estimated at RM6.61 billion.

When not in power, PH opposes direct negotiations but when in power they find it okay. That’s just one example among the many episodes they are associated with.

It would be interesting who among the PH leadership benefits from those projects and how much. Already many quarters are clamouring for the authorities to release the full list of the projects.

But, let’s not stop there. The other developments concern the establishment of a new party by our ‘Atok’ and his former minister of sports.

Both, the projects of course and the two new parties will need funds to operate. Atok won’t have problem as he and his family is rich with many wealthy backers.

Cannot say the same with the former minister who one believes is targeting the youth in the next general election.  The question again is about belief. Will the rakyat support those who have failed them in that 22 months?

We already seem what Slim voters have said it.

Just in time for Merdeka Day too.  Bottom line – the result will also be seen as a signal to whom voters believe are good for the country. – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

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