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Ghosts Of Seasons Past Coming Back To Haunt PH

by Kaki Bedal


Developments politically in Sabah shows how fickle politics can be, given the current circumstances involving links between state and federal power.

People need not be reminded what happened right after GE14 after Pakatan Harapan (PH) won when parties and politicians jump ships, partly to presumably be with the corruption free new bloc.

Presumably I say as the PH regime likens their vanquished foes as corrupted and kleptocratic while they are bringing fresh change with ‘Malaysia Baru.’

Now that former Sabah Chief Minister, Tan Sri Musa Aman has been acquitted from corruption charges and the recent announcement by two Upko reps to leave Warisan bloc, indicates how the wind has changed direction and might go to category six hurricane next.

The two assembymen are Kuala Penyu rep, Datuk Limus Jury and Datuk James Ratib (Sugut) who left Upko to become independents supportive of Perikatan Nasional (PN).

So, gossips flying about Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi might be acquitted next are only to be expected but the real issue here is about solid evidence.

If the accusations are not backed up with strong and beyond reasonable doubt, what is there to be surprised about, if they are acquitted?

People will not forget easily how the PH regime dropped cases still in court against DAP bigwig and now former Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng – and he is not the only case.

Malaysia Baru is now history. There is no ‘baru’ or new at all when for 22 months the PH regime persecuted their political enemies – note the raids against Najib’s residence and especially when the police cracked open the ceiling of DSN mother’s house to seek the so called stolen money.

The word sensational is used to describe the raids then, though I would like to call it just a misguided and preposterous act on behalf of those in power at the time.

Numbers were very popular with the PH regime. RM1 trillion national debt and RM4. 2 billion donation to Najib and 6 percent GST among the most oft-repeated mantra.

The ghosts of 22 months of governance are coming back to bite PH leaders.

Can they explain how they spent RM82 billion of Petronas money?

How about the RM2. 8 million Guan Eng bungalow case? Billions more said to be involved in the Penang tunnel project and the recent RM600,000 found in Armada party members house?

Credibility, integrity, transparency and responsibility can no longer be associated with PH.

Rule of law? How come Tommy Thomas then Attorney General dropped cases against PH personalities?

Credibility? How come they appointed people close to PH in senior positions in government agencies and somehow claimed they are not political appointees?

In short, PH blew it, big time.

  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media of nearly 30 years in the industry.


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