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Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Holds its Business Leaders Roundtable 2022 to Recognise the Contributions of its Top Employers

With roots in Scotland, Heriot-Watt University (“HWU”) has an  international presence with global campuses in Dubai and in Malaysia. 

Earlier this year, the University’s Malaysia campus, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (“HWUM”)  kicked off its year-long 10th anniversary celebrations in the country.  

To further celebrate a decade of creating a positive impact, HWUM hosted the Business  Leaders Roundtable 2022 (“roundtable”) at Sabayon at EQ Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday (20  July 2022).

The Business Leaders Roundtable 2022 was introduced by HWUM’s leaders to  honour its top industry partners who have contributed to the University’s impact in Malaysia,  including its graduate employability prospects. 

A total of 30 industry partners from various key economic sectors were invited to the  roundtable and 15 were recognised for their contributions to HWUM.

Among them were  Malayan Banking Group (“Maybank”), Top Glove Corporation Bhd (“Top Glove”), Public Bank  Berhad (“Public Bank”), Hong Leong Bank, Hong Leong Islamic Bank, Great Eastern, Ernst &  Young, Shopee Malaysia, Allianz, FWD Takaful Berhad (“FWD Takaful”),  PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia (“PwC”), and many others. 

These leading industry players have partnered with HWUM to develop purpose-driven leaders  and prepared them for the future of work over the years.

Students at HWUM have benefited  from scholarships, industry placement programmes, career fairs, industry-in-the-classroom,  visits, research and development, and more with their support. 

At the event were Professor Richard A. Williams, HWU’s Principal and Vice Chancellor from  the United Kingdom; Yang Berbahagia Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, HWUM Chair of the Board  of Directors; and Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi, HWUM’s Provost and Chief Executive Officer. 

Heriot-Watt University leaders expressed their gratitude for the contributions of top employers  and shared that they will continue to design world-class accredited programmes in partnership  with their partners to ensure career-relevant education that fosters the skills of purpose-driven  leaders committed to positively impacting society, business, and industry needs. 

HWUM and its industry partners share a common goal of developing highly competent  individuals for the post-COVID recovery.

Most importantly, the University deeply values efforts  to foster meaningful relationships between academia and industry, allowing a better  understanding of the challenges employers face today in terms of talent acquisition, retention,  and development, and providing them with the talent they need to sustain and scale their  purpose and business agenda.

Moving forward, HWUM will continue to advance its heritage and duty to create purpose-driven  leaders, foster the ethos of inclusiveness and education for everyone, and innovate in  research and development for the betterment of communities. 

From this year to 2032, HWUM will raise funds for 10 students from B40 families every year  through its ‘1821 Appeal – Leaders with Impact Scholarship’. The University developed these  scholarships, which cover living expenses and tuition fees, together with its key industry  partners. 

Through its portfolio of programmes that are tailored to the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the University will continue to promote research and innovation in areas such as  purpose-driven leadership, data science, robotics, and achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions.  

The undergraduates from the University will continue to push the limits of knowledge  acquisition, resulting in breakthrough discoveries that will have a practical impact on the world.

HWUM’s EmPOWER programme will also be enhanced to advance a sustainable, just, and  equitable landscape in Malaysia and internationally, with feedback from employers. 

For more information on Heriot-Watt University Malaysia and its world-class programmes,  kindly visit: https://www.hw.ac.uk/malaysia/  – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

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