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KAKI BEDAL: “Hello, Anybody There…?”

By Kaki Bedal

Looks like my urging of ‘politics un-usual, please!’, has gone out the window judging from the way the issue on the allegations against the MACC Chief has been reported.

You can say, what else is new when it comes to politicking in Malaysia.

The two political blocs arguing from their own corner and the social media players or netizens from theirs.

While we understand the need to really tackle corruption, it does not make sense if the politicians themselves try to be the hero, including those who have made up their minds on the MACC Chief.

Politics at all costs will be the downfall of this country if we allow this to continue especially during a period where we are facing a health crisis and economic challenge to recover from the pandemic.

One issue nobody, though at least one person I know has mentioned, is touching at the moment is how do the next or even current Finance Minister tackle the countryโ€™s debt that nearly RM1 billion?

I’m tempted to join the chorus of describing the present administration as inept by saying ‘hello, anybody there?’

After the whacking by the people for the slow aid effort for the flood victims, we, yes that’s all of us, continue to not see the forest for the trees.

Let the justice system deals with the MACC Commissioner’s case but we must address economic recovery better.

Some has been saying about how our neighbours have done better during the present climate of uncertainty, so we should address that.

For one, the way the previous two administrations before the present one were wasteful in their economic handling of the country needs closer scrutiny.

I believe that if not for the sixth Prime Minister’s build-up of our financial reserves, those after him would not have the ringgit to spend on the pandemic and other needs.

Instead, politicking clearly dominated the agenda of the seventh and eighth PM that clearly affected the country’s economy and we’re feeling it now, affecting the present PM.

We should questioned how did the country benefit from the over RM300 billion debt accrued during the seventh and eighth PM admins.

Simple answer, we don’t. If not, we would have been in better health.

Would the politicking of MACC Commissioner help us? Surely no.

Again, let the justice system handles that.

What we should ask is for the main economic minister and officials to explain why they should have resigned for the failure to build our economy for over three years.

The buck stops with them. In fact, let’s expand that.

Why not others resign as well for the failure in their own respective portfolios.

If there’s a saying in local language about this, we can say with confidence that such a group is good for nothing and ‘makan gaji buta.’

Too brutal?

Go and talk to the people, then. See what they say.

No wonder an analyst proposed recently for a new general election to be held to give a real mandate to a new government to really make a difference. – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry.


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