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Pos Malaysia and Saito University College (Saito UC) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) yesterday (24 Mac 2022).

The collaborative MOA for academic  excellence is set to pave the way for the development of future logistics professionals  through integrated learning opportunities. 

Key to the collaboration is the establishment of the Saito UC – Pos Malaysia Learning Hub.  The learning hub aims to provide future logistics professionals with applied and work integrated learning, along with practical exposure to Pos Malaysia’s business and logistics  solutions.  

Charles Brewer, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of Pos Malaysia said, “The  future of logistics is bright in Malaysia. Local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are aggressively looking to expand their customer base by exploring opportunities both  domestically and across the Asia Pacific region.

“It is the golden age in e-commerce, with the rise in business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and customer-to customer (C2C) segments.

“Our aim is to establish an academic incubator where aspiring  logistics professionals can thrive through direct mentorship, development of skills and  cultivation of innovative ideas.”  

Pos Malaysia and Saito UC will also work closely to infuse industry elements into the Bachelor Degree of Business, Logistics and MBA programme modules.

This is part of Saito UC’s applied learning and work-integrated learning concepts for Saito Business and  Logistics students. 

Pos Malaysia will provide supervision, mentorship, and training for Saito UC’s students  throughout the Work Integrated Learning experience and offer internship opportunities for  students to gain professional experience.

By nurturing these young talents through hands  on exposure to the industry’s ins-and-outs, these programmes will help bridge the gap  between employers’ and graduates’ expectations, allowing students to transition smoothly  into the workforce.

Meanwhile, Professor Dr. Vinitha Guptan, Vice-Chancellor of Saito University College said, “We  create opportunities for students to be mobile and continue their studies by providing  various modes of study and options to choose from.

“We believe in being agile and  deconstructing the conventional education system. We envision businesses and industries will recognise and appreciate the integrated and diverse skillsets of a Saito graduate equipped not only with knowledge but also with work-integrated and practical skills. This  will enable them to transition seamlessly into the workplace and stand out among their peers.” 

In addition, Pos Malaysia will be leveraging this collaboration with Saito to provide  opportunities for Pos Malaysia staff to gain academic qualifications as part of their career  development and growth. This is Pos Malaysia’s commitment as the Employer of Choice  with highly motivated and engaged staff.  

Saito UC is also pleased to introduce Pos Malaysia GCEO Charles Brewer, as Saito UC’s  Professor of Practice.

Brewer, a logistics expert with more than 35 years’ experience, is  well-known for sharing his knowledge for the advancement of the industry in Malaysia.  – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

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