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Enjoy Halal Wagyu Beef At Hisashi, Bangi Resort Hotel

Starting tomorrow, Malaysians will be able to enjoy halal wagyu beef at the Hisashi Restaurant of Bangi Resort Hotel in Bandar Baru Bangi near here.

Hisashi was acquired on November 20, 2021, by AAH Nippon, a halal wagyu exporting company and thus, will be offering food items based on halal wagyu.

Its owner, Akmal Abu Hassan, said that wagyu sourced from Japan is certified halal and recognised by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and the Muslim Professional Japan Association (MPJA).

“From the sourcing of cattle to the slaughterhouse, each step of the process is thoroughly monitored by MPJA. For example, during the stunning of a cattle, it must be made sure that the cattle’s skull is not broken.

“As such, be rest assured that the wagyu we offer here in Hisashi are guaranteed halal and safe for everyone’s enjoyment,” he told Bernama in a recent interview.

Akmal said that Hisashi’s mission is to expose Malaysians to the proper way of enjoying wagyu, while experiencing true Japanese customer service standards.

“We have always seen non-halal wagyu being imported into Malaysia. As such, our mission at Hisashi is not only to bring authentically halal ones into the scene but also to teach the art of eating and serving wagyu to Malaysians.

“Our staff are trained to follow Japanese customer service standards by applying ‘omotenashi’, a hospitality concept from Japan,” he added,

Meanwhile, co-owner of Hisashi, Ajwad Abu Hassan said that Hisashi hopes to introduce a better way to enjoy beef.

“In Malaysia, we are used to having steaks as the usual variant of cooked meat. Malaysians can choose not to travel far east to enjoy real, authentic wagyu beef served Japanese style with Hisashi,” he said.

Hisashi offers lunch and dinner sets from RM80 and yakiniku (grilled) courses from RM250.

For more information, visit www.bangiresorthotel.com/dining/hisashi/ or contact their hotline at +60 19-653 7072. — BERNAMA

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