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Enough Funds To Fulfil 2023 Budget Promises But Has To Be Passed – PM

The government has enough funds to implement each and every promise made under the 2023 Budget, assured caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob today.

He said when the government tabled the biggest budget in the nation’s history with an allocation of RM372.3 billion on Oct 7, they already had the cash to fulfil the promises.

“When the budget was tabled in parliament, we already had the money to roll out the initiatives but (the budget) is yet to be approved. If you (voters) want such a budget to be implemented, then vote for us to capture Putrajaya so that we can table the budget (again) and approve it.

“The opposition later will come up with a manifesto…manifesto is only promises and funds are not even available…they are only talking. Don’t ever forget nor be duped for the second time with talks such as today the opposition wins then oil prices will drop the next day….no oil price will drop, neither will the price of minyak gamat (sea cucumber oil).

“Students were tricked to vote for them when they (opposition) promised that the PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund) will be abolished. Finally, Tun (Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) said the manifesto is not a bible that has to be followed. Don’t get bitten by the snake from the same hole twice,” he said in his speech when opening the Bera delegates’ meeting at the Bera convention hall here today.

On this note, the Bera Umno division chief urged the delegates to inform others that the government has money to implement the budget and the people should not be deceived by rumours which were being spread by certain quarters,

It was reported earlier today that Dr Mahathir had questioned Umno’s ability to fulfil all the promises made in the 2023 Budget, saying the government lacked funds.

Ismail Sabri also touched on the latest accusation involving the RM94 billion development expenditure tabled during the 2023 Budget, claiming it would only benefit ‘tycoons’.

In response, he said the allocation would be vital to help the people in terms of infrastructure.

“(For instance), the RM3.7 billion allocation set aside for small and medium projects will benefit 5,000 contractors between Class G1-G4 (small grade contractors), not tycoons. I instructed for additional budget to be approved for the ageing health facilities in Sabah and Sarawak including clinics where the grassroots are set to benefit,” he said. – NST ONLINE

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