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FastGig enables job seekers to be in control of their gigs through an app that offers simple and convenient job booking process and speedy pay-outs

By Joelle Pang


FastJobs Malaysia, a tech-driven job platform that  provides equal access to gainful employment to Malaysians has launched FastGig, a mobile  app that allows the hustlers in the gig economy to have full control of their gigs in a simple and  convenient way. 

There are around 4 million individuals in the Malaysian gig economy as of April 2021, and the  number is steadily rising as a lot of people are now turning to digital platforms to make a living  in the wake of the pandemic, and now, as we move towards living in an endemic era.  

This is where FastGig comes into the picture; offering gig workers full flexibility in terms of their  working hours and type of gigs and eliminating the need for a long-term contract. 

The first phase of FastGig’s operation, since its soft launch in August 2021 is focused on gigs  around the Klang Valley, comprising various job opportunities in the logistics, retail, and service  industries. 

When the term gig workers are  used, the first group that comes to mind are usually food delivery riders and the likes.

However,  at FastJobs, we are seeing an increased number of people turning away from 9 to 5 office jobs  to be freelancers and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with it.

At the same time, we  also see an emergence of many unconventional gig opportunities.

This is why through FastGig,  we hope to be able to support a large variety of gig workers and freelancers and connect them  with these exciting opportunities, and we would like FastGig to be at the forefront of Malaysia’s  gig economy as we work on redefining gig work.

FastGig allows gig workers to choose jobs that fit their schedule and skill sets, based on their  preferred locations, company, or scope of work.

Using their algorithm, the app learns the users’  preferences and over time, will be able to feed them suitable recommendations. 

FastGig also offers gig workers peace of mind with only verified job offers are allowed to be  posted up on the app, so the users can rest assured that there are no frauds or disreputable  jobs offered.

More than that, job seekers can also enjoy a tiered-pay system, as the flexi-jobs  often have incentives on top of the base pay.

Depending on the number and frequency of the  gigs they completed, they can expect to get paid twice a month as FastGig processes their  payment on a bi-weekly basis. 

The app also features a simple and easy-to-use user interface that allows users to book their  training and working slots in just one tap.

Not only that, salaries, incentives, and updates are  also displayed in an easy to view layout, allowing users to conveniently view the hours they  have worked, how much they have earned and payment statuses within the app itself.

FastGig is the latest addition to FastJobs’ portfolio, which is a tech-driven job platform  established in 2017, strategically combining technology and industry insights to provide  seamless hiring for both Malaysian employers and jobseekers.

Currently, the platform has over  1.4 million Malaysian registered jobseekers and more than 20,000 Malaysian brands on its  mobile app and web platform. 

Over the years, it has worked with category leaders across key economic sectors in Malaysia  such as F&B, retail, hospitality, and recruitment agencies.

It has also continued pushing  innovations, such as the “e-FastRecruit” service to assist employers’ with their mass virtual  hiring efforts within accelerated time frames. 

FastJobs aims to expand FastGig to the rest of Malaysia and allow more job seekers to enjoy  the flexibility it offers, with the next launch planned to be in Q3 of 2022. 

For gig workers in the Klang Valley, the FastGig app is available to download on  both Android and iOS. For more information on FastJobs and FastGig, please  visit FastJobs.MY.  – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

  • Writer is FastJobs Malaysia’s General Manager.

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