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KAKI BEDAL: Can The King Of Formula Make A Difference ?

By Kaki Bedal

Corruption is a popular word in Malaysia since 2018 general elections. Those who are observant in politics know this.

Latest reports have touched on certain quarters request for a reinvestigation on a senior Umno leader suspected of corruption.

It remains to be seen what can be unearthed to prove the allegations against him and indirectly Umno as a party as well.

As a party, since 2018 Umno has been a popular target to be insinuated about involvement in such a hideous practice.

To further, the corruption issue has often been used to hurl against Umno. It is not a surprise.

But, it is unbalanced. What about other parties?

Other individuals or leaders of other political parties?

In general terms, corruption is not an exclusive property of one party. People who are observant and learned not only know but will accept this as a fact.

For the sake or argument, however, we also understand the need to portray someone or a party as tainted by corruption.

Not only that, other accusations are expected to be levelled against a party like Umno in the coming months because of the politics of the moment.

The number one reason surely is to set a frame of mind of the voters to not support the party in the next general elections because of various factors, not just corruption.

The latest emerging report against the senior Umno leader is an example of that. Umno surely understands this too.

After a string of by-election and state elections victories, this is to be expected as well.

One interpretation is that voters have reversed their support of the opposing bloc since 2018.

Another is that voters are used to the hate campaign against Umno and Barisan Nasional and are not easily swayed since then.

It is believed that the people want stability and a return to better economic environment pre-2018, the most important factor in the current setting.

The choice is between six decades of effective and prosperous economy administered by BN administration or the chaotic and poor economic performance since 2018 – that’s the choice.

People know what they want and nobody, not even the king of formula, can do much about it. Johor is just the latest evidence.


  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry

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