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KAKI BEDAL: When “Tan Sri” and “Datuk Seri” Whack Malaysia

By Kaki Bedal

I love my country.

I show it by being a responsible citizen.

I don’t do bad things.

I try to be courteous and respect others.

That might be enough to show that I’m a good Malaysian.

But then, we are also a global citizen. Those criteria apply when i go overseas too.

I’m a responsible global citizen by showing the same attributes to others in foreign lands, near or far. In fact, let’s extend such attributes to cyberspace too.

Be courteous, try to understand each other, have frank exchange of opinion without the  bad language and share positive thoughts.

I think as a Malaysian, I don’t whack my country when I’m in a WhatsApp group mixed with other nationalities. But, sadly, I’ve seen Malaysians in such a WhatsApp group insult, belittle and ‘bantai’ Malaysia, their own country.

Yeah, it’s the usual hodge podge of reasons but the most regular are that our politicians are a bunch of dimwits and that other countries are better than Malaysia.

Whatever positives in other countries when reported will be used to make this country look bad.

For example, just because Indonesia is reportedly becoming healthier economically, means Malaysia is not a good place to live.

What is more damaging, I think, is that the people who makes such comments belittling and whacking Malaysia are not your common Ali, Gopal or Mei Ling but those who are Tan Sri’s and Datuk Seri’s.

I respect other members in such a WhatsApp group from other nationalities for not uttering a bad remark against their own countries despite knowing full well the weaknesses of their countries.

I can only speculate that maybe these Tan Sri’s and Datuk Seri’s are just pointing things they don’t like and hoping for better but then, I wonder what the other members of different nationalities think of such Malaysians attitude.

At best, they might just smile to themselves at how Malaysians can be so open to whacking their country and at worst, they will confer among themselves and say or think of something other than complimentary.

As I’ve now nearing the age 60, I’ve often tell myself to not feel too much emotion  regarding the utterances and remarks of the negative kind towards Malaysia though it is somewhat unpleasant to read them.

One can probably say too that it is much worse compared to what the netizens can or have said about Malaysia and Malaysians.

Guess, I’m expecting too much for people to stop bad-mouthing the country with its many flaws and warts what with the rising cost of living and the shinking ringgit, among other things.

Anyway, I’m not expecting the Tan Sri’s and Datuk Seri’s to somehow stop being negative about Malaysia. They have been doing it for years and years. Why stop now?

  • The writer has been involved in the media industry for over three decades and is upset with the current state of the country

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