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Kotex Immortalises 100 Malaysian Women As Superheroes In Its Awe-inspiring ‘She Universe’

The last several decades have been crucial to Malaysian women, both locally and around the world.

The progress made by these women serves as a testament to the spirit of striving for excellence, because period or not, #SHECAN.

In celebration of Kotex’s 100 year anniversary, the Kotex She Can Awards is here to celebrate 100 Malaysian women and their awe-inspiring success stories, by immortalising them as superheroes through the She Universe series.

This series keeps the story alive for these 100 trailblazing women, in the form of a digital collection, which narrates their impressive journey to success.

Therefore, providing a source of inspiration for tomorrow’s female leaders and achievers of Malaysia.

To develop this extraordinary digital series, Kotex has partnered with five local female artists.

These talented artists are supported by the Kotex She Can Fund, a platform that financially supports deserving Malaysian women in pursuit of their passions. In partnering with these skilled artists, Kotex is able to enrich their lives by providing them with a golden opportunity to showcase their talents and allowing them to continue to build their portfolios.

The five artists responsible for creating this one-of-kind Kotex She Can Universe are Art of Lihua, Lee Teng, Miss Eleen Studio, Tuan Nini and Asyikin Abdullah, with representations of various art styles, including mural art, watercolour accents and character design.

“Part of our 100th anniversary celebrations, the Kotex She Universe is here to inspire and empower the next generation of Malaysian female leaders to pursue their dreams and to break the mould by celebrating the incredible achievements of 100 women superheroes.

Their brilliant achievements are narrated and kept alive in the form of a groundbreaking digital series, with the help of five talented local artists.

This also allows us to support the local art industry by creating a one-of-a-kind series for women, made by women.

To amplify our efforts to support the progress of women in Malaysia these local artists are supported by our Kotex She Can Fund, which allows us to help these artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills,” said Frenissa Lagman, Marketing Manager for Kimberly-Clark Malaysia.

Each of the 100 Kotex She Can Award recipients have pushed the boundaries and achieved ground-breaking success in their respective industries.

This includes success stories in the field of sports, entertainment, fashion, medicine and engineering.

So be it fighting it out in the ring or on the streets, with force or with words, on land or in sea, for others or themselves, each of these 100 superheroes have faced their fair share of adversity.

However, instead of wilting under the pressure, the likes of Dr. Nur Amalina Che Bakri, Amber Chia, Yuna, Datuk Nicol Ann David, Joanne Kam, and Hannah Yeoh have responded with strength and determination, taking a step closer to their hopes and dreams each time.

The result? 100 magnificent stories which form the backbone of Kotex’s first ever collection of Malaysian female superheroes.

Kotex truly believes the world is full of women who give their all, never stopping for anyone or anything, because period or not, she can.

The Kotex She Universe series is now out on Kotex’s Facebook and Instagram.

This digital series will be live on social media from September 2020 onwards.

This collection will also be compiled into an e-book, to continue to inspire tomorrow’s generation of women.

Additionally, exclusive printed sets of this incredible series will be shared with selected fans. So stay tuned for more information about this on Kotex’s social media! – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

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