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OPINION: SIRIM Set To Empower Malaysia’s EV Industry Through Certified EV Charging Stations

The Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM Bhd) has the expertise and facilities needed to ensure electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the country are safe, reliable, and functional.

In a statement today, SIRIM said that its subsidiary, SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd, has a certification programme which is integral in creating and developing the EV industry, ensuring the security and operation of charging stations.

Reliable and safe electric vehicle charging systems (EVCS) promote trust while encouraging broader acceptance of electric mobility, it said.

“At SIRIM QAS International, we have the expertise and facilities needed to ensure all charging points are safe, reliable, and functional.

“This is why procedures must be in place to guarantee drivers in Malaysia the highest level of safety and efficiency from EVCS,” it said.

Malaysia’s automotive industry remains a vital component, contributing four per cent to the nation’s GDP and holding the position as ASEAN’s third-largest automotive market.

However, the move towards a greener and more sustainable mode of transportation raises concerns about the performance, dependability, and safety of these advanced EV cars.

According to the Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint (2021-2030), Malaysia has set a target to provide 10,000 public charging stations by 2025.

Hence, underscoring the need for robust procedures to ensure the highest safety and efficiency for EV drivers, said SIRIM.

On who should get certified, it said the certification extends beyond manufacturers to encompass various industry stakeholders, including charging manufacturers, installers, building contractors, automotive service providers, and EVCS maintenance professionals.

“This collective effort ensures a commitment to providing a safe and reliable charging experience for EV owners, fostering a culture of excellence and instilling confidence in manufacturers, regulators, and customers alike.

“By prioritising safety, reliability and functionality, Malaysia is leading the way towards an environmentally sustainable nation, encouraging electric mobility with confidence and integrity,” added SIRIM. – BERNAMA

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