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BACALAH AUTO: Driving An Electric Car Could Save Several Hundred Euros Per Month

According to a study from Greenpeace Germany, driving an electric car could save up to €300 (RM1,378) per month compared to a gasoline or diesel model.

The current high fuel prices are the main reason for this unprecedented difference.

Greenpeace Germany based its study on households consisting of one or two people, but also families with two children under 14 years old.

The NGO shows that the price of fuel exposes owners of an internal combustion engine car to a real financial burden in the medium and long term.

An analysis of the global costs linked to car use shows that driving today with an electric vehicle has become systematically advantageous.

In the case of a new compact car, it is better to choose a Volkswagen ID. 3 than a Golf 2.0 TSI, because this would mean savings of about €180 per month, if you drive 15,000 kilometres per year. Compared to an SUV like the Tiguan 2.0 TDI, this saving could even amount to €290.

Over the course of a year, this represents almost €3,500. Note that these figures take into account the federal government’s recent reductions in energy prices. Without these, the gain would automatically be even greater.

Again, according to Greenpeace, buying an internal combustion car today also means being dependent on energy suppliers, starting with Russia.

For ecological, economic and therefore ethical reasons, 2022 appears to be the right time to switch to all-electric.

The biggest savings would obviously come from not using a car at all and instead using a bicycle or public transport.

This could save German households up to €700 per month. And this is why, among other things, Greenpeace is calling for low-cost public transport and more family-friendly rail fare policies. ― ETX Studio

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