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KAKI BEDAL: Its the voters !!!!

By Kaki Bedal


There are many debates and talk shops about the current Johor state election.

As usual people will have their own opinions on the various personalities campaigning for their respective parties.

I believe the one and only thing that matters is the voters. What they want and need for Johor towards a better future, that is.

Again, bread and butter issues will be key and those who can convince the voters will have the advantage.

While the United States is far away from us, we can still learn from history when Bill Clinton upset George H. W. Bush in 1992.

The phrase that he used was  “the economy, stupid”,  coined By Clinton’s campaign strategist, James Carville.

In 1991, Bush had a 90 per cent approval rating after the ground military campaign in Kuwait but by August a year later, the rating sunk to 62 per cent because of the recession.

The economy had given Clinton the opportunity to pressure Bush that saw him became the US President.

So, to relate to the above, I will use the phrase ‘It’s the voters, stupid!

Again, just to make a point – state affairs and issues will be of the utmost importance to be addressed by those contesting.

National issue can take a backseat.

What the people in Johor Bahru need is surely different than those in Segamat.

So, when certain politicians start insulting their opponents, do you think the voters will be impressed?

This is year 2022, not 2018!

The situation now is much changed from the last general elections and so needed a fresh perspective.

What worked then will not work now. People want to hear constructive ideas and plans for their future well being.

Some politicians, when hurling all sorts of demeaning words towards their rivals will only spike the peoples disapproval of them.

Let me re-emphasize – It’s the voters, stupid!

  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry

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