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KAKI BEDAL: Politics Un-Usual, Please

By Kaki Bedal


Can politicians change their ways? Malaysian politicians, I mean.

Perhaps, I can put a smiling emoji with that question or maybe a winking emoji as well.

The best one can hope for is just a maybe to answer that question.

It is because the level of mistrust and negativity regarding our politicians has hit the roof, maybe the sky is next.

To give a recent example – the slow efforts to aid flood victims and the kind of stunt people are loathed to see when it comes to showing they care that backfired spectacularly on one particular minister.

But, in this day and age when the mainstream media no longer call the shots, the one thing a politician can do is – be smart about it.

It referring to things they say and do, especially when trying to justify something.

A politician will always be judged on things they do and say including things they did not do and did not say.

When a political bloc which is the government some time ago claimed that they’re trying to save Malaysia, which is fine, but then acted to sell various national assets to foreigners (and to locals) at low prices, what does that tell us about them?

Here is quote to remember – ‘The manifesto is not a Bible.’

“We promise to…” Just fill in the blanks.. You know what I’m referring to.

These days, there are also certain labels given to certain politicians, like ‘frogs’ or ‘court cluster.’

Such labels continue to lessen the reputation not just the people saddle with that label, but also those who launch them because it’s like the Malay saying ‘dua kali lima’ or like the pot calling the kettle black.

So, can our politicians be smart?

And, hold their own against those hell bent to twist the facts just to get votes?

I can only think of one former Prime Minister who, despite the many allegations against him since he was dethroned from office, continues to be even more popular now.

How can a politician like him be smart, you say?

Just that he lets other people defend him, nowadays, without having to counter all kinds of insulting remarks against him.

He is also smart because he uses official records and statistics including his rivals history to show how wrong the accusations against him were.

These days, he and one political bloc has all the ‘bullets’ to go against their detractors.

Remember PTPTN? No Toll? Free education?

Higher BRIM amount? Low petrol prices? SST better over GST?

The billions that his administration had accumulated for later use by three Prime Ministers to combat the pandemic and other challenges is proof who is actually the smartest in the room when it’s about administering the country. – BACALAHMALAYSIA.MY

  • The writer is an experienced analyst and media practitioner of nearly 30 years in the industry.

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